Perspective Table: custom cell problem

I have a table with a boolean column, and I wish to be able to edit the cell values: by default I see the cell values as a checkbox, then I’ve simply implemented the ‘onEditCellCommit’ event where I do my things and update the table. Then I decided to use a custom view (basically a switch instead of a checkbox), and here’s the issue.
First of all, I’ve created a simple parametrized view, containing only the toggle switch, bound to the param value. Then in the table’s columns properties I’ve set the ‘viewPath’ property pointing to that view, and also the ‘render’ property to ‘view’: it should all works well, I guess. In fact, I see the new toggle switch instead of the check box:
Anyway, if I click on the switch, it turns to a text editor component:
Is this a bug or maybe there’s something else I’m missing?
Thanks in advance,

Try removing the embedded view and use a boolean setting as follows:
props.columns.x.render : boolean
props.columns.x.boolean : toggle
where ‘x’ is the column number.

This should create the toggle switch directly in the table cell.

Thank you, didn’t know of the ‘boolean’ property that comes out, anyway I wanted to use the custom view way: the behavior is probably given by the ‘editable’ property set to true, I guess I’ll need to set it to false and handle everything in the customized view.