Perspective Table Data variables population from available Tags in Tag browser

Hello fellow ignition users, developers and Gurus
I am attempting to Automate the creation & population of a perspective Table with all Analog tags from Tag Browser to display their values.

Is there a way via scripting that may have been tried out by you good people?

Appreciate any help in advance.


Presumably you also want to display their names too and possibly the engineering units. I think you should explain further what exactly you are trying to do and why.

  • Is this just a once off or is it supposed to detect that additional tags have been created and the table needs to be updated?
  • What’s supposed to happen tags grouped in folders?
  • What’s supposed to happen tags with identical names but different paths?
  • etc. …

Thanks Transistor for getting back to me.


  • Using Node-red to generate Analog Simulated data (lots of it)
  • We have them imported in Perspective ( 300 Folder A folders, 300 Folder B folders and Folder Tag C folders containing around 5 -10 tags each. The number consistent in each folder). All tags relating to 001,002,003 or 299,300. A picture:
  • We want to create a Table to display all tag values for a selected time instance (using a DateTimeInput seector.


  • We can manually configure the Data Props property by linking individual tags, however linking 1000 tags is inefficient, Hence, the reason for help request to the forum. If there is any tried and tested script, technique, Python file, expression, etc. done previously then it would help.

  • videos on IU have info on creating expression bindings on historical tags, but not for instantaneous values

Didn’t want to spell it out too much in my first request. Any feedback is appreciated.


Those folders that can be seen in the data on the RHS are simply Copied and pasted from the Tag browser, in the hope that we may be able to refine using script.

I don’t think you have defined the problem well enough and the goalposts are moving. Your original post says you want to display tag values, implying live values. Your second post says you want to ‘display all tag values for a selected time instance’ which means displaying tag history. They’re two different requirements.

You can generate a list of tag names by querying the historian’s sqlth_te data table. Create a named query and set Database Connection = Historian. Set the query to

SELECT id, tagpath, datatype
FROM  sqlth_te

You’ll have to dig further to see how to get the historian data back.

Live Tag values, yes on page being accessed for the first time… But with the ability to view historical values of all configured tags in the table using the Date time input selector.