Perspective table delete row script woe

I can’t find an example of a Perspective table with Add and Delete row buttons so I’m rolling my own (with great difficulty).

- FlexContainer
  - btnDeleteRow
- Table

The btnDeleteRow onActionPerformed script is

		params = {'id':self.parent.parent.getChild("Table")[0].id}
		system.db.runNamedQuery('Config/queryConfigRowDelete', params)

The table binding is to a named query, type = Update Query, with command

DELETE FROM myTable WHERE id = :id

The output console reports the following. (Line breaks mine for legibility.)

ERROR com.inductiveautomation.ignition.client.util.gui.
    ErrorUtil - Unable to run action 'component.onActionPerformed' on subViews/viewConfig@D/root/FlexContainer/btnDeleteRow: 
    code could not be compiled.
    SyntaxError: (u"no viable alternative at character '\u2018'", ('<function:runAction>', 7, 54, 

Can anyone see what I can’t?

Many thanks. Oh - and is there an example Add / Delete table row anywhere?

Line 7, character 54 is a unicode tilted quote character instead a proper quote.

What a guy! You are correct.
It must have come in on a copy-n-paste from either the manual or this forum.
Delete button is working. On to the Add button now.

It’s not ready for an Exchange resource yet, but here’s a WIP “CRUD” (create-read-update-delete) dataset editor I’m working on in Perspective, if you want some inspiration: (16.8 KB)

@PGriffith , is it available on Exchange now?

No, I never continued working on it much longer and no longer have it. You can use the project export there, and feel free to post it to the exchange if you do end up improving it.