Perspective table design


I played with a perspective table and I'm not able to remove a shadow from it (see attached photo).

  • I played with every style from it (cells, rows, general style) to only appropriate modification was on rows - style - background color.. but I don't want to put a color...I want it to keep transparent.

Anyone have a trick how to remove it? (without modify css)

You can find settings like this using the browser Developer Tools. (F12 on most browsers.)

I was able to turn it off using Styles | Advanced Stylesheet (available at least on 8.1.25) and adding the following CSS.

.ia_table__headContainer, .ia_table__footContainer {
	box-shadow: none;

This will affect all tables in the project.
There's probably a way of injecting this into one table but I haven't time to figure it out.

You could give your table a domId and start the selector with that.

I've never done that.

It's a hidden meta property.

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