Perspective table disable row highlight on click

Running Ignition version 8.06.

I would like to disable the feature that a row turns blue when clicked on. Our table is configured to open a pop up when a row is clicked, and it is annoying the users that the row remains blue even after the popup is closed (and stays that way until another row is clicked).

I disabled row highlighting on the table and it turned off the mouseover color change, but not the click. We actually liked the mouseover but found that if a table had only one row, that row would remain highlighted after the curser moved off it. The only way to prevent this was to disable mouse over highlighting all together. Not the most desired solution, but better than having the row stuck blue.

Any advise that can be offered would be greatly appreciated!

there is a style in light.css which you can change/remove/overwrite

.ia_tableComponent__selection {
 background-color: rgba(12, 123, 179, 0.25);

if you dont know how to change the theme.css you can also inject this it into a styleclass’s background-image:
(no need to give the class to any tables btw it will work on all tables just by being in the styleclasses)

}.ia_tableComponent__selection { background-color: unset; }{

hmmm…your second suggestion works on the test/trial license of ignition I have installed on my local pc (version 8.1.1), but not on the production server (version 8.0.6). I noticed that the style configuration window is slightly different. Version 8.1.1 has an applied styles section, but 8.0.6 does not. I can try upgrading over the weekend and see if it works.

version 8.0.6

version 8.1.1

Ah if that doesnt work there you could upgrade (seems like a good idea anyways) or use theme.css