Perspective Table - Disabling visibility of view in single cell of column with render type of view

At an inspection operation we have implemented a view that controls the weighing and dimensional measuring of parts. As each part is processed, a record in a SQL table is added and/or updated to log the data accumulated. At the completion of each part the operator has to classify the part as Complete (good), Blemished, or Scrap. If Blemish or Scrap is selected, a “reason” cause must be selected from a list. This status and reason are then updated in the record for the part in the DB and the part is “completed”.

On this view we have a table that shows each part that has been processed for the current Lot as well as the updated data for the part currently in process.

Since people are fallible and reasons are sometime entered incorrectly or a part is damaged after processing, I’ve been asked to add a button in each row of the table to allow the part’s status to be edited and to allow the part to be reprocessed. One thing I think needs to be done, to prevent confusion and potential errors, is to hide the button on the row of the part being actively processed but not yet completed.

Is there a way to disable/enable the visibility of the view for a single cell/row of the table based on the complete status of the part represented by that row?

For example, in the above image, I’d like to hid the circled button until that part has been completed as either a good, blemish, or scrapped part.

BTW, this is in v8.1.10.


I think just disabling the button is better.
Send a viewparam to the button and bind it to the enabled?
or to the visibitly if you really want it gone