Perspective table displaying unix epoch date but not in dataset?

Using SQL Server 2019 and Perspective 8.1.10.

I have a named query that gets a datetime field from SQL Server. The datetime appears correct in the dataset. When I bind the dataset from my named query to the table, it comes in as unix epoch time however. I have not changed anything about the table formatting. It looks like this


I have set “render” for this column to “date” and the “dateFormat” to 'MM/DD/YYYY` but I am seeing these unix dates in the table still. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Make sure the field property in your column config matches the column name in your dataset exactly. This behavior usually happens when there is no corresponding column config for that column.

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Wow right off the bat, thanks that did it.

:laughing: was it obvious I have run into that one a few times?


There's your issue, it should be either yyyy-MM-dd or dd-MM-yyyy to join the rest of the world :grin: (and ISO 8601 standard)

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