Perspective Table - double click event to open popup - params not flowing through


Hello, I’m running 8.0.5 and working with a Perspective table that can open a popup view.

I have a onDoubleClick event script that takes row data values and passes them to a popup view’s parameters. Some but not all values pass through to the view params from the event.value data mappings. It seems that they definitely only become available in the JSON row data object if they are mapped to a column object, that was my first point of confusion. But now I’m only seeing some values get through to bindings on the popup. Some string values as well as some datetime values. There are no errors and no warnings in the designer.

I’ve double and triple checked the mapping of event.value items to the view parameter dictionary, and can’t see any issues, and likewise on the popup view bindings etc.

Any thoughts on what more I can do to troubleshoot?