Perspective Table - dynamic column width and hiding rows

Are the column widths in a Perspective table limited to using pixels as the units, or is there some way to use a percentage of the table width. I’d like the column widths to be as dynamic as the rest of the element sizing on the view, but I don’t see any way to use %. 2nd question - is there any way to hide certain rows in a table based on the value of a column in a row? Thanks in advance for the help.

A bit late but …

You can set the columns to relative widths by setting the props.columns.n.width parameters to something like

- columns
  - 0
    - width: 1
  - 1
    - width: 4
  - 2
    - width: 2

to give relative widths of 1, 4 , 2.

Specifying strictWidth changes the way it works:

  • columns
    • 0
      • width: 1
    • 1
      • width: 4
    • 2
      • width: 120
      • strictWidth: true
This will force column 2 to 120 pixels (although I didn't specify 'px' in the width) and columns 0 and 1 will adjust to fill the rest of the available space in a ratio of 1:4.