Perspective Table Edit w PLC Binding

Using 8.1.3
I am needing to show several PLC configurable numeric values that can be edited and written back to the PLC on a Perspective page. There are about 30-40 “rows”, each with 3 editable set points, or at least 4 “columns”
I really like the idea of using a table here, so I can keep the formatting clean and edit in one place, column headers, scrolling, etc.
However, I am learning it is difficult to update the binding back to the PLC when I edit a specific cell.
The oneditcell event script doesn’t have any idea what the binding is. I’ve tried adding hidden columns with the string of the tagpath, but again, the oneditcell event doesn’t seem to be able to get the adjacent column data (or at least i don’t know how to do it).
I was thinking i could then do a system.tag.write w/in the oneditcell event.
the images below is my current setup, but isn’t working.
I was also attempting to avoid lengthy scripting that called out each possible path based on row or column of the event. My team supporting this is less likely to be able to edit/support those scripts and fully understand setting up bindings.

I would take advice on how to get this concept to work or if there is a better way than the table. i’ve explored flex repeaters or several rows & columns, but the table seems like the most direct route and give me me what i need for a display stand point.
Thank you!