Perspective Table editable checkbox requires 2 clicks

Does anyone know of a better method for having a simple checkbox on a perspective table that doesn’t require the user to perform 2 clicks to change the value? As of 8.1.4, you have to click once to select the cell and then click again to actually change the value. Do I need to utilize an embedded view of a checkbox instead?

For what it’s worth, the code to update the table’s data property is in the onEditCellCommit event. I tried running the code within the onEditCellStart, but that didn’t work. And the onRowClick event won’t tell me which column was clicked. I then tried onSelectionChange to detect row and column selected and I would change/update the value myself, but the field is a boolean and when you mark the “editable” property to false, it grays out the checkbox and adds a ghostbuster cursor.


I did the same thing with the onSelectionChange event but would also like to know how to style the checkbox so it still shows blue (or some other color) and does not have the disabled cursor. Perhaps someone at IA can point us to the right configuration for styling?