Perspective Table - Editing a cell

I have a perspective table and I’d like to have the tab button move to the next cell. I have that working by simply changing the props.selectedColumn (say, from ‘C4’ to ‘C5’)

The issue is that the old column (C4) still has the editor shown and I cannot figure out how to call the column to ‘commit’. Ideally, I’d like to figure out how to trigger the component event onEditCellCommit. I can add this script to my keypress event to handle the tab press.

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Hi, were you able to get this to work?

So, what you’re really asking for is for the ability to use the tab key press event to iterate through cells of a table row? And, if that cell happens to be configured as editable, go into its editing state?

Yes. That is correct.

@djones Did you find a solution ?