Perspective table - every second cell-selection starts cell edit

Try this:

  • Add the Table component to a view.
  • Set the columns to ‘city’, ‘country’ and ‘population’ and enable editing for each.
  • Set cells | allowEditOn : single-click.
  • Hit the Preview mode button.

Now click around the table. Notice that the first (odd) click selects a cell but the next (even) click switches the cell to editing mode whether it’s the same cell or not.

Adding system.perspective.print statements generates the following console output:

09:2... - onEditCellStart: {"column":"city","row":7,"rowIndex":7,"value":"Shanghai"}
09:2... - onSelectionChange: {"selectedRow":7,"selectedColumn":"city","data":[{"city":"Shanghai","country":"China","population":24153000}]}
09:2... - onEditCellStart: {"column":"city","row":8,"rowIndex":8,"value":"Tokyo"}
09:2... - onSelectionChange: {"selectedRow":8,"selectedColumn":"city","data":[{"city":"Tokyo","country":"Japan","population":13617000}]}

I can see that the onEditCellStart event is fired in each case but the cell doesn’t go into edit mode.

Has anyone got any ideas why it works like this and how to stop it to give a more consistent operation?