Perspective Table Field Issue

I have a perspective table that is driven off of a named query; that named query in turn uses a radio group as an input. The query returns ID, sourceColumn, sourceName, and aliasName. The radio group value is used as the input to the named query (which is simply select * from alias_def where sourceColumn = :inputValue).

I have used the ‘Columns’ section of the table to hide the ID column, and filled out the field for each column appropriately. However, when I change my selected radio button, the ‘field’ value for column[0] is being set to null, and causing an overlay error. If I manually change it back to ‘ID’ it works again… see the two attached images.

What exactly is bound on the field property?

D’oh. That was it… I had accidentally left that there when I was trying to figure out the ‘field’ property. Thanks!

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