Perspective table filter - defer on update functionality

hi, the filter bar built into the perspective table is really wonderful, and I use it everywhere.

However , when you have LOTS of rows , typing each letter into the filter bar can sometimes cause the whole thing to hang for several seconds for each letter, or might cause the tab to freeze completely.

I think an 'easy' solution to this would be to have it not attempt the filter until the user hits enter or clicks a send button.

I wanted to try and implement this myself by sending the string to that prop when its complete, but if you disable the filter bar, it does not just hide it, it disables the filter functionality entirely.

You could hide it instead of disabling it. That's more a workaround than a proper solution, but hey, that's the case for 80% of web UI/UX development :smiley:

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is there an option for hiding it that i missed? i only saw the enable box for filter

Add display: none to its styles.



ah, thank you!