Perspective Table Header Shadow

Does anyone know how to get rid of the shadow on a header in a perspective table? I would like to have the background fully white, but I can’t quite find the correct property to get rid of this shadow.

This will work on all tables:

if you have theme.css add in this:

.ia_table__headContainer, .ia_table__footContainer {
    box-shadow: none;

if not
create a style class and paste this into ‘background-image’)

}.ia_table__headContainer, .ia_table__footContainer {
    box-shadow: none;

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I would be somewhat cautious about the ‘CSS injection in style class’ approach. I don’t think it’s actually a security risk, but it’s still something we may patch out at any point. Themes are the ‘proper’ way to do this.

plz dont:( css has no risk of data loss or something and the style classes is not something the clients get acces to anyways.
But if you do, please add in a field where we can add in our own css…

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