Perspective Table Headers and ASCII 216

The character for ASCII 216 is a capital O with a slash through it.: Ø. It displays correctly everywhere but in the perspective table header title where it seems to have the correct character followed by something else (displayed as a square). Do I need to embed the HTML code for that character and if so, how is that done?

Where is your data coming from/how are you populating the table’s properties?
Manually entering the character works fine for me:

That sounds like Unicode is coming in but you’re displaying ASCII. I don’t deal with this very often but do you need the u'string goes here' format?

What is the column header property expecting? Like I said, the property shows the correct string but the table is displaying something else.

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing, and how you have the table currently set up? And, again, where the data is coming from if there’s a dynamic source like a binding or script involved?

You should just need to put an appropriate string value in props.columns[n].header.title. Pretty much anything should work:



The original values came from Excel and I had to convert that one character which seemed to be an ascii 195 but didn’t produce the correct character and I replaced it with the unicode character. It looks like maybe that header isn’t displaying unicode exactly perhaps?

The problem here is almost certainly your data entry, which you still haven’t showed. What do the table’s props look like? You say “it came from Excel” - did you literally copy and paste it in? Exactly where did you paste it in, if so? Can you show a screenshot of the actual text props there?

It looks like you’re maybe in an RDP environment, based on the aliasing on the font rendering. A simple square glyph rendered like that means that the font in use doesn’t have the ability to render the character - the data isn’t mangled due to an encoding issue, it’s just not able to be rendered. Can you open this Perspective view on any other devices, especially outside of the RDP context? Does the same issue show up there? If you open your browser’s dev tools, you can look at the exact data in the HTML element that makes up the table header and see if it’s intact there or not.