Perspective table, history data binding

I want to get the tag history of one value from a UDT tag inside a perspective table and use a dropdown to choose what value to show in the table. I can’t find a way to select an indirect tag history binding in perspective. I got it to work in vision because there you can make an indirect tag history binding. I also tried making an expression binding hoping to get it to work but even using a browsed tag inside an expression doesn’t seem to work.

The values in the dropdown are the paths to the tags.
My goal is to get it to work something like this:

Is there a way to get this to work or is this not possible in perspective?
I also couldn’t find anyone with the same problem.
Hope someone can help me out.

In the Perspective Tag History binding if you set the radio button under the “Select Tags” header to expression, then you can reference a property array that can be dynamically set.
As long as it follows the format:

key [array] 
    [0] {object}

In your example, you can set your dropdown options to have values that are arrays with a single object in them that defines the tag path you want. After that, in the tag history binding, you’d just have to reference the dropdowns value property. Here’s an example of what the dropdown would look like that you can copy and paste into your designer: exampleDropdown.txt (848 Bytes)

Dynamic tag paths are better explained here Tag History Bindings in Perspective - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation under Using Dynamic Tag Paths

Thanks, got it working now.
Although I can’t figure out how to set a default sorting on table columns in perspective. I did turn on sortable in the columns property but that ony lets the user sort columns.