Perspective Table Horizontal Scrollbar

I have a table in a container with a horizontal scrollbar that wont go away. The scroll bar only appears in the live app. The designer shows no scroll bar. Its admittedly minor thing but… why?

Flex Container. Full growth on the table component. Fixed width columns. Container exceeds the Column width requirements. No Margins nor Padding. Position.grow:1.
A Coordinate container has the same issue.



App with Item Stretch in the Container:

Also, having the popup be resizable unreliably allows the resizing of components inside. In this case, with the popup resizable and the table grow at 100%, the table does not grow.
This is hosted on 8.1.18 but these idiosyncrasies have persisted.

I know there is at least one resolved bug at play here: [Bug-5869] Popup Resize Broken in 8.1.16 - #4 by cmallonee

I suspect that adopting a version which resolves that bug will fix both of your problems, because the horizontal scrollbar is likely due to the table not getting the space it expects to have available. I tried to replicate your issue in 8.1.19 with the following setup but was unable to:

  • Table in Flex container, with table set to grow (1).
  • columns with a width of 200px (and fixed at that width).
  • View containing Table opened in Popup (no dimensions defined for Popup).

I appreciate the effort. Hopefully we will be able to update this gateway to 19 soon.