Perspective Table in client VS developer

In my designer I am no longer able to see the correct table component colors, however I am able to see the correct table colors within my Perspective client. I have verified the version of my java as 8 update 333. This issue affects multiple developers connecting to my project, while other Projects within the company work correctly in designer on the same Ignition version.


Perspective Client

Should I look at doing a backup of the project and completely re-installing from scratch to resolve or is there a quicker solution?

Try changing the theme for the project in the designer, save and reopen the views you have open and see if the table comes up normally. This almost sounds like a theme/CSS issue but I can't say for sure with the limited context.

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Found that on the Child Project that hosts the pages there was a "Light Theme" that was not present on the Parent Project. Added the "Light Theme" to the parent and it fixed it. I appreciate the quick response.

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Also note that Ignition doesn't accept java 8 for either designer, vision client, or perspective workstation since v8 came out. You are certainly using the java that comes with Ignition.

Also, browsers running a Perspective client aren't using java locally at all.

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Thank you for that clarification.