Perspective Table Invalid Keys

I have a somewhat complicated perspective table with a subview and footer groups. There are no red marks in the table. No issues in the columns nor footer groups nor subview.

I can’t find a single error and yet I have “Invalid Keys”. Why?

Do the column names in your dataset start with digits?

No, they are string values. The props.columns.0.field value is has the correct string as the filter and controls are tied to the column in the table.

Phil’s question wasn’t whether or not they were string values. It was “Do the column names in your dataset start with digits?

e.g. 2022_results, etc.

Still no.

I see % characters in there. Are they the problem?

Same 20 count of “Invalid Key” with all the special characters removed from the dataset column headers

When you say “special characters” are you including spaces? Perspective does not like spaces in key names. I don’t think this warning should impact your use of the Table or your data.

Hmmm, the errors disappear when I test it with the spaces replaced with underscores and ‘%’ characters removed.

I was not including spaces in my “special characters” but, I changed my query, updating all spaces to underscores, likewise in the perspective table columns and footers and the 20 invalid keys are still there.