Perspective Table Pager Keeps Closing

Hi Everyone,

I am working in Perspective, 8.0.16. I’m noticing that dropdown controls on multiple pages will sometimes start auto-closing themselves as soon as the user selects the dropdown to open it. It happens repeatedly as many times as it is clicked, and happens on both stand-alone dropdown controls as well as the pager dropdown at the bottom of the Table control (see video). Refreshing the page fixes the issue.

Any thoughts?

This might be your issue (it’s probably many of your issues to be honest). 8.0 versions are quite old now and have a lots of bugs in general.

Does this happen for a new table component added to a new view?

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It’s going to be very difficult to help diagnose this issue and provide a workaround unless you also supply us with the layout of the Page in question. The video limits what we can see, so I have no way of determining if perhaps the table is attempting to expand the options out-of-sight or anything like that.

So one of our developers gave me more information, which led me to an a-ha moment. We have a function that grabs focus in certain cases to a hidden text box so that user input can be captured for keyboard-driven navigation. This behavior captured in the video is the focus being stolen away from the dropdown control as soon as it is given focus. Thanks for the help, sorry for the wild goose chase!

You're welcome Boog :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: