Perspective table questions


I just started to learn Perspective so I took a SQL query I used before in another Ignition page, converted it to a named query and tested it in a table. It works but how do i change the columns header? And how do I change the format so I get the date in format ‘2019-10-21 12:00:00’?

This post will help you a lot:

Also, you could change the column header without doing anything in the table by adjusting the named query:

SELECT tableColumn AS newHeader FROM table

I would like to see how it is done by properies, I tried to change add columns and then change the header.title but it wont change.


You need to set the field property in that column object to the appropriate column in your table’s data. The mapping of column definitions to data definitions is strictly key:value - columns[1] does not “know” it needs to be associated with data[1], because you might be hiding certain fields or want to rearrange your data structure.

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Ok. Got it! Thanks!

I am seeing very slow performance with Perspective tables using large datasets (using named queries). I was under the impression that the paging feature would help with a faster loading than what I am seeing. A dataset with > 20,000 records really makes the Perspective view slow to a crawl.

Any thoughts or ideas on how to improve performance with this in mind?

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