Perspective Table Row Height not working with embedded view columns

The Row Height Property on the table does not work when columns have embedded views set


The only work around I have found is to use to alter the the height but this now means the embedded view does not scale the embedded view correctly.

Trying to use row.height:60


Is there a way of getting to working correctly ?

I'm just checking the silly stuff first: Did you try
rows.height : auto?

This is the desired outcome I am trying to achieve ,this table is created using the flow historian.

As you can see, the sparkline is scaled to fit within the row height.

For embedded views, there're usually props to use the embedded View's width and height. Turning this off will mean it will scale. Find this setting and it should fix it

Seems the column config with embedded views enabled doesn't support scaling.

There are no useDefaultViewWidth and useDefaultViewHeight properties for a Table columns that are rendering a View. However, the Embedded View component has these properties.