Perspective Table Rows Not Bidirectional With JSON Structure

I can toggle the checkboxfrom the table data prop and the checkbox works as expected:


Setting the bit low on the checkbox doesn't work bidirectionally and the table Data value still shows the bit True:


I promise you the checkbox here has a bidirectional binding to the value.selected

Prefer not to use messaging, would love to get my table data struct to work both ways with embedded view params

Same behavior when you check in browser?, with system.perspective.print output is matching with your data?

I avoid views in tables because I can't wrap my head around how it all works, but you can enable both
row and column selection and add an onRowClick event to your table:

row = self.props.selection.selectedRow
column = self.props.selection.selectedColumn[row][column]['selected'] = not[row][column]['selected']
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