Perspective table script to refresh a (no binding on this property)

Can anyone help to get me a code to refresh a “” ?
Please note that there is no binding on this property.

I noticed this gets updated only when the table row is clicked. But I want to refresh this with a script.

Objective: Please advise if this is correct method.
I want to update the table in all sessions when there is an update from other sessions/users. Polling avoided to reduce query load.
I have created a memory tag with datetime format and tag.write to this tag on every insert or update on any session.
In view where table is located, created a label and bind to the memory tag.
Added a change script on this label component to refresh
table.refreshBinding(“”) is successful, however there is a text field component to display the selected Row value, since the array does not get updated it shows old data.

Sounds like a bug. As a workaround, you might need to script the re selection of the selected rows as well

Hi @nminchin,
Thanks for prompt response.
Yes it looks like a bug.
Even if I write a script to capture selectedRow and reassign the same to table again, is not updated with new
Infact made the table.selectedRow = None and reassinged on same script didnot work.
Basically, any property value that we reassign the same value to the table with script doesn’t change

Only workaround I found is to assign a different selectedColumn, it updates the
Everytime you need to assign a new selectedColumn name so the is updated on every trigger.