Perspective Table selected cell data

I have a button to display a pop up to edit the selected table row. The button text has a binding to the table to display the selected table item which works.

.../Table Container/[0].Item

but when you load the page the button is showing error as no data is selected from the table. I was able to get it working in vision but im still learning perspective.

try({Root Container.Power}[{Root Container.Power Table.selectedRow}, "Serial"], "Select a Machine...")

I’m guessing i need some kind of if to say if there is no data display "select machine’ but unsure how to do it.

This can be accomplished using an Expression binding and the coalesce function. What the function does is show the first item in the list of arguments that is not null. Using the path you have in your post it should work with an expression like this:

coalesce({.../Table Container/[0].Item},"Select a Machine...")