Perspective table strange behavior

Hello there,

I’m facing strange issue with perspective table component.

I’ve a table component with data bind to sql query. Table has a event editCellCommit that when I update/add new row to the table it inserts/updates that row into the DB, refreshes the table binding and show updated data.

It does update into the DB whenever I do however for some reason it does not refresh the binding sometimes! I have used table.refreshBinding(“”), like it refreshed for one record then it doesn’t and like that…I also added one button with event to refresh table and same thing Continued. Upon reopening it shows updated record too.
What could cause this?

I also have one column Boolean which has checkbox, sometimes it refreshes when I set checkbox to TRUE from FALSE or vice versa where ir updates into db not into table… !

Can you post the full code, using the </> button?

It sounds as though the refresh binding is running before your table update has finished. Your code (using the </> button) might reveal something.

Found the problem people!

It was refreshing Binding however as I had set Cache Query Result = True (under Named Query), it was not updating the data returned by query binding.

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Fixed my problem too, thanks for posting