Perspective Table SubView Functionalities

Hello Everyone,
I need to pass the actual table data value in a specific column of the table into the subview. below I attached the image file of my actual table data
In this image Assigned_To columns having the usernames. Instead of showing the names I want to show the user image as icon in every row of the specific column. To meet this requirement, only think I want to pass these username into my subview. But I don’t know how to pass the value. Kindly help me to come out from this.
I attached my subview here for your reference.
Also kindly suggest any possibility to read the selected row data by clicking the subview edit/delete button.
if this possible please give suggestion
thanks in advance.

Hi Baskar,

Have you had a chance to check out this page in our User Manual?

The link above describes a way to configure sub-views into specific table cells. The instructions also explain how row values can be passed to the sub-views through it’s view parameters.

Thank you for your guide.