Perspective Table Subview Parameters Broken?

Did something change between 8.1.3 and 8.1.7. I have a table with a subview and there are parameters on the subview that have bindings on them. The subview uses these parameters and also uses the values from the value JSON of the row that is expanded. This was working fine in version 8.1.3 but now in 8.1.7 my bindings and the values from the row appear to be having no effect and my subview is only showing whatever state it was saved in the designer as.

After further examination it appears something changed with how null parameters were handled in the query binding inside the subview. Some parameters are not always sent into the subview and previously this was handled fine by the query binding, but now I had to put an expression on those params in the binding so that if they are null it sets the value to 0. Functionality was restored after doing this.