Perspective table subview viewParams

I’m trying to understand how to add params to the table subviews. I tried looking it up in the documentation, but it seems like that is the one thing not covered.
It shows how to create the view that requires params. It shows that you need to enable the subviews. It shows you need to direct the path to the view. But then it skips the most important part and moves onto the end result.

What do I need to add here:

Hi @ToMakPo,

If you close the viewParams will have a + icon on the right side.

This will detect the view parameters of the view given in the viewPath.

Be aware that this functionality is not present in the early version of 8.1. i think you need to be in 8.1.8 or 8.1.9.

But the value being passed in would be different for each row. For example, in the documentation, the lat and lng is different for each row.

perspective tables automaticaaly pass down certain params to the subviews
you will have to define those params in the subview and they can be used like that.
one of these params is “value” which seems to be used in the example

which is explained in the newer doc (81)

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Too late ;).

but @victordcq is right.
on the exchange you have the alarming historic that use embeded view in a table this could be a great example. Ignition Exchange | Inductive Automation


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