Perspective Table Subviews Parameters will not pass


I'm trying to pass parameters through a sub view per row.

I've got everything showing except the parameter values are not passing through. It seems to me that I am doing everything right.

So far I've gotten the subview to be enabled only when neeeded:

This is the data coming in:

In my subview with the same exact params it populates:

this is the result in my table though (No Key values are appearing in the subview)

But when I disable my way of doing this and keep the data coming in as a table with the row subview enabled it works:

The whole reason for doing it by row is so that the arrows for the subview don't show on every row.
Any help is appreciated!

I had similar issues with the subviews in the table component with anything that was dynamically generated using bindings. It might show up on a web browser after you refresh the page. I think the subviews are rendered at a different time than when the parameters come in.

I would suggest making a 'tableRow' view and use a flex repeater to get the same affect.

The Hierarchy looks something like this.

          -Data Display (flex container)
          -your subview components (flexConainter)

Use the param.position.display on your subview flexContainer to show/hide that section of the view.

You would then have a few scripts in the background to get your values into each instance in the flex repeater.