Perspective table time

Ignition 8.1.25

I have some data in an SQL table as shown below. Note that the column formats are date, time(3), time(3)... This data will be used to schedule operation of a machine.


When I read the data back via an SQL query in a script, it shows as expected.

However, when I send this data to a table in Perspective, the columns for "dawn" and "sunrise" show wierd numbers.

If I use a table in Vision, the correct times are shown for "dawn" and "sunrise"

My Perspective table is set up as shown below. All other columns are set up the same as "dawn" but with appropriate names in "field".

The other columns appear to be set up identically and they work fine.

I'm stuck on this. Can someone point out where I am going wrong? Why these 2 columns are 30 mins behind the actual data in SQL and why does it work in Vision but not in Perspective?


Q1: What time zone are you in?
Q2: What happens if you set columns.1.render : date rather than auto?
Q3: What value is shown in for that column?

Thanks for the speedy reply.

I'm on NZT (UTC + 12).

I had a play with render. This seems to have no effect.

Good call on This shows the correct time

For a test, I created a new SQL table with one row. This time I used the format "datetime" for the columns in question.

This seems to circumvent the issue but it is not a viable solution without a lot of work on the data sources.


Yup. Bad initial setup will bite you in the end. What are the times' datatype? Strings?

The datatype is "time". The data comes from a nasty Excel spreadsheet and then to sql. I might look at changing the parsing code for this.

It seems like ignition does not play nicely with this datatype.


I have changed our Excel parsing code so that we can use "datetime" format instead of "time(3)" in the SQL table. The issue with the perspective table is now resolved.

It would be good to hear from the Ignition team about the issue with using SQL "time" format in a Perspective table.

Thanks @Transistor for your input.