Perspective Table with a lot of Columns

I have 46 columns that I would like to show in a perspective table. The cells don't match up well with the headers and the headers don't keep up well with the cells when scrolling left to right.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what's the best approach on displaying this many columns in a perspective table?

I've tried testing a table with enough data to scroll left to right and everything seems to line up correctly. Could you send screenshots or a screen recording of the behavior so we have more information to go off of?

I have found out what the problem was. I had a styling on the table that was a custom CSS file and not styling done in the designer. Once I removed that style class everything lined up correctly.

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Awesome! Glad you were able to work this out.

Here is a recording of another problem. The headers and cells line up correctly most of the time. When scrolling left to right, you see how the headers stay in place while the cells move?

I know this wasn't the question, but does the user NEED to see 46 columns? Every single column is used and means something to the operator/user? This hasn't been the case in my experience - I would try to cut down the number of columns so that the user doesn't need to scroll, but this is highly dependent on the situation, of course.

The data being shown is pulled in on someone else's equipment that we are utilizing and I'm not sure what info is necessary to be shown. Also, no one on our team knows exactly what info is useful at the moment so that's why I want to show everything.

I could certainly could group everything but don't know what exactly to group. It's just odd that adding a lot of columns does that to the headers.

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