Perspective Table With Checkbox column Not Working properly


First I’ll brief the requirement and then convey the observed issue.

It was a view with input fields, a table, submit and clear confirmation button. On Clear button being pressed the page with input fields and table with check box for selecting the rows need to cleared. Here the problem is with table component. First the client user needs to select the rows using check box column provided in the table. After clear button is pressed the all the check box will be unchecked except the last selected checkbox, But in the data property of the table we can see that cell is being written with zero. However that last selected checkbox will be still checked. It will be unchecked only when we click the other cell in the table.

Tried many ways like automatically changing the selected cell on clear button press and refreshing the binding, actually nothing worked. Only on page refresh it is back to normal.

Not sure this is a bug of i am missing something…