Perspective Table with rows headers

I wonder if it is possible to have a Perspective Table with the first column which is fixed, while the horizontal scrollbar will let you scroll the remaining columns, sort of rows headers column.

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Do you mean something like the excel 'freeze panes' function? You could do this by splitting the data across two tables, with one showing the 'fixed' column and the other table showing the remaining data.

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In Vision, when vertical scroll bars are needed, I know how to tie them together to keep the cells properly aligned, but I'm not certain the proper to do this in Perspective. Would this be done with a container in some way to keep the vertical scroll bars from appearing in the tables themselves?

Hmm, not sure if there's a way to sync vertical scroll bars between the tables, that's a good point. Ideally in this situation you'd want the table to be large enough to show all the rows and not need a vertical scroll. For cell/row alignment you would set a fixed row height at the same value for both tables and put them both in a flex row container.

Hi @amy.thompson , yes, you are right, that's exactly what I need and it would be nice to have some component params to achieve that.

I haven't tried this specific use case, but we use embedded views all over the place within our tables. So if I had to try to solve this, I'd put my "freeze pane" columns in the table directly, then the last column (with h-scrolling overflow) would be an embedded view with a row-based flexbox.
Getting the header row looking right might be difficult, but there's always the option to skip the header row inside the table and do your own header row flexbox.