[Perspective Tables] Rows Conditional Formatting

I’m trying to customize the background colour of my table’s rows following the instructions of this topic: [Feedback] NEW Perspective Table.

I’ve appended a new style object to every data element through a binding, but the rows still have the original background colour. I also want to pinpoint I’m using a striped style on my table: may this cause an issue with the additional conditional formatting?

EDIT: To make it a bit easier, you can accomplish this row-wise by nesting all of your row values into an object named “value”, then you can add another object named “style” to add your conditional formatting:


The example you have above is equivalent to adding an additional column of data named “style” to the data property.

Another way:

You can conditionally override the striped row styling, by applying conditional formatting cell-wise (apply to every individual object in a row of data).



Thank you for this helpful insight! Now I understand what I was messing up.

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Okay so there is no easy (gui) way to do conditional formatting… yet?

For cell-by-cell conditional formatting in a table, I think this is the preferred way. It is the equivalent to the “configureCell” extension function on a Vision Power Table. Hard to say if there is a better way, depends what your use case is.