Perspective Tag Browse Tree - Can you Show a Default Value/Selection?

I have a report that is working with a Tag Browse Tree object in Perspective.

The reports FullTagPath parameter is bound to the TagBrowseTree.props.selection.values[0].

When the screen is first opened or refreshes, the FullTagPath parameter and the TagBrowseTree.props.selection.values[0] values match but the Tag Browse Tree is always at it's default/root setup with all folders closed.

I think it would be easier to follow the selection and make changes if the Tag Browse Tree was always showing the current selection or value.
The TagBrowseTree.props.selection.values[0] value is already set to the current selection so I'm guessing there is no way to do this?

Also, there really is no way to expanded a folder in any tree object in Ignition? You must manually drill down through all the folders over and over? You can use the + or right/left arrow key but no right click or HotKey to expand folders.