Perspective Tag Dataset History Binding

Hi to All,

I have a tag dataset (12 colons and 3 rows) on some period of 1-5s value will change (I am reading it from SQL and updating dataset tag). As I would like to store all my values I enabled history. But I can not find a way to bind history tag to the table. Looks like it’s no way for the dataset?


No, not for datasets. If you are getting the values from SQL, presumably you can reconstruct for any time period via SQL.

Thank you, Phil, for your answer. I thought so, but I wasn’t sure 100%. No, I can’t, but no problem I will split the dataset in tags.
I have on more question. Tag history binding, is it possible to use aggregate funtion “DurationOn” but what value has been boolean true, but some specific value (for example 23)? Or how can I do that?


You could create a boolean expression tag that does the comparison for the specific value, and record history for that. DurationOn should work with that.

I know that I can do that, but that is really on lowe lowe level. In that case, I have to log a lot of tags, and spand time and time for configuring tags :frowning:

Thank you, Phil!