Perspective Tag Drop for Inherited UDTs

In Vision we are able to bind a parent UDT type to a template, then create multiple child UDT datatypes to inherit it, and finally drag and drop one of the child UDT instances onto a screen and select the same template.

I noticed in Perspective, if I do the same thing and attempt to drag and drop my child UDT instance onto a view, the UDT is not recognized as having any associated views.

Is this feature expected to come soon to Perspective?

Yeah, I know this is all over IU, but don't do this. Use a tagpath parameter and indirect binding within your template. Then your various UDTs don't have to have parent-child relationships, they just have to have the member names a particular template needs.

Perspective's drop target configuration works best with tag paths. Just say NO to UDT properties. (UDTs are wonderful tools to manage hierarchies of tags. They are terrible as data types in user interfaces.)

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In the indirect binding, where can I create the dynamic parameter to select the item no from the many UDTs.

Template - UDT Parameter Video at Inductive University

How can I do this in perspective ?

Create a custom string property to hold complex parts of your dynamic tag path. Simple string concatenation should just be done right in the indirect binding.

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