Perspective - tag write in GUI script not logged in audit


Ignition 8.1.1
When we write some tags in Perspective for example with script on ActionPerformed Button component,
nothing is added in audit table.

Is there any plan in next release to automatically add data in audit in this case ?
or the bst practice is to manually use system.util.audit each time we wan’t to record a tag write

Only tag writes through bindings are automatically audited. A tag write from Perspective scripting is functionally no different from a tag write in a gateway event script, or a tag change, etc - which have never been logged (deliberately). Manually auditing is the way to go.

Ignition 8.1.3
It works for direct tag binding but not for indirect tag binding.
Is it deliberate ?

No, but that also shouldn’t be possible. Internally, indirect tag bindings just created direct tag bindings dynamically, and the auditing code is not conditional in direct tag bindings.