Perspective - Tags from remote gateway causing templates to not load properly


We’ve been running into this issue as far back as 8.0.6 (currently on 8.0.16). When doing indirect bindings to tags on a remote tag provider our templates spaz out so to say. Not really sure how best to explain it so I took a video of it happening:

The amount of time it takes for the values to load in is ever changing sometimes some will come in right away and other times they’ll just pop in and out for a very long time.

My window just consists of embedded view:

All my bindings look like this:

If there’s something I can do differently to remedy this please let me know because this has been driving me crazy for far too long.

Thank you,

More of a workaround… but you could opt out of overlays for your bindings. You wouldn’t see then if they’re truly bad though :confused: but at least you won’t get any reports of users having seizures

The way you are doing it now, sends different calls to the remote provider for each different embedded view.

You could try optimizing the data transmission by doing a system.tag.readBlocking() and grab every tag value at once, then provide the values to each embedded view.

It also looks like you could probably use a flex repeater in your view, you could setup an expression binding of now(5000) or some pool rate, to perform the tag read and build/update each of your nested views.

For tag writes, I would provide each of those embedded views with a tag path and script the writes into your actions that way.

Unfortunately this isn’t as “easy” as doing indirect tag bindings, but is much more efficient in terms of how it moves data around

I ended up getting this working by going the expression binding route. I was being lazy and didn’t want to re-do my templates because they all conformed to the same data retrevial method (indirect bindings), but seeing that this hasn’t been working correctly for numerous releases I decided to stop being lazy.

I did do a test with 1 tag on an indirect binding coming from a remote tag provider and it seemed to be attempting to do a tag read at least 6-7 times a second. Now this might be remedied by updating the remote gateway as its running one of the the 7.9.X releases but this will hold us over in the time being!

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: