Perspective templates for repeated item groups

i believe Vision does this, where you can set a group of components together and that grouping becomes a template you can instance and set discreet values for the instance components. can this be done in Perspective? i experiemented with embedded views, but that is a flat out instance dupe: 100 copies of the exact same thing.

i have a panel of switches that are basically 30 copies of the same base group of components. is there a way to instance that group but still be able to change discreet values per instance? for example: base 'template' has a label. the copies can each set the text for that label separately. essentially like a symbol object in Illustrator.

That's embedded views. You just bind the inner label to an input parameter on the view.

Views are essentially windows + templates; they have all the meta-ability of templates plus some extra powers.

Don't know where you got this idea. You have to deliberately create a template.


oookaay. gotcha. i was expecting something totally not that. and that's fine. i understand totally what you're saying. and now, in retrospect, that's an obvious path.

man, the guy who originally built all this stuff must have been high AF... :face_with_spiral_eyes: it's a frustrating way to learn how things are built, cuz they're mostly wrong or so convoluted, it might as well be a tax form.

thanks for the re-alignment. :100:

i come from a web/infosec background. so those are the mental models that i am trying to duplicate as a starting point. so when i don't know how to explain what i'm thinking using Ignition vocabulary, i default to that. plus, the guy who originally built this made such a convoluted hash, it's really tough to figure out what the correct way to get things done actually is.

Inductive University is free and teaches you exactly how things are done