Perspective text alignment in table

Ignition 8.1.

I have created a style with horizontal alignment and applied it to the table. It is not working. Is there something else that is overriding the style I have created? Help please!

what are you trying to align?
the table exists of many things that can have styles

Hi. Iā€™m trying to get the text in the table to be aligned to the centre of the cell.

The example here should give should show you how: Aligning Text in a Column

In short, I think your style properties are being overwritten by the alignment rules built into the table. You just need to:

  1. Add some elements to the props.columns property
  2. Map each elements to the appropriate series in the underlaying data (props.columns.[#].field)
  3. Set the props.columns.[#].justify settings to center.
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