Perspective themes - default background --neutral-00 feature request

I’m trying to remove the background for a borderless table. I can set the background color to #ffffff but that won’t change with the theme.

May I be so bold as to suggest that IA add in –neutral-00 to the light, dark and cool themes to achieve this?

If you really want it you can make your own theme that inherits from the other themes and add that variable. Although I do see the advantage of having that as part of the base theme.

Thanks, b. I’m aware of that but I’m otherwise happy enough with the defaults for now and trying to encourage others in the company to always use classes based on the default themes rather than directly applying styles to components. If they’re in the defaults then it’s one less reason not to. I reckon it should be there anyway to complete the set.

Personally, I would always use a custom theme as all of my project colours are defined in there for things like device states, pipe colours, etc. I didn't know there wasn't a neutral-00 though. I guess I tend to stay away from using fully saturated colours and tend to use neutral-20/80 moreso

Edit: there's a white and black you can use instead. These swap when in dark mode so that white is actually black and vice versa

I pulled the hair off my head trying to remove the background from a table. I tried every damn element I could find, but it never worked. I could change the color, but never remove it.

I ended up doing this, because I don't want to be bald at 37:

.psc-table_no_background * {background: none;}

May this help the lost adventurer stumbling upon this.