Perspective Time Series Chart - Enable/Disable Pens

I have a time series chart with 13 pre configured pens. I would like to be able to enable/disable them based on the actual number at the specific site (up to 13). While I see a “visible” property under trends->0->visible, it doesn’t actually remove the pen from the legend, though it does from the chart. I would like to have a parameter for the view called “numPens” where I can just say 1-13 and it disable all those > numPens. Does anyone know of a way to disable the legend entry as well as the visibility of the pen?


@downerczx, no easy way to “disbale” a pen, unfortunately. You would need to remove that pen from the data feeding the Time Series chart to remove it from the legend.

I am working on an Easy Chart that will take time series data. Among other things, that enable/disable behavior will be part of this component. Still under development, but this will be a great component for this use case in the future.

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Thanks for the help. It sounds like that will be a great component.