Perspective - Time Series Chart , how to change color of line chart?

Time series chart , i add two tag in chart ,
how to change differance color in chart
as picture below

I think you need to set the style in the props.plots.trends.columns[x] object. The key field value needs to match the name of your series name, e.g. temp

Dear sir,

i need change color fo line graph in perspective dashboard like this.
how to set parameter?

The simplest way is to set the colours in the props.defaultStyles.colors, e.g.:

Alternatively, and more precisely, you can also set the colours, as I said in my previous post, in the this.props.plots[x].trends[y].columns[z] property. Using this method, you can specify what colour you want for each pen based on its pen name.


thank you very much.

sorry I replied you
Figured out my questions and thought this was a good place to have answers for the Time Series Chart questions I had.

I deleted columns on accident, is there an easy way to get it back?
*got it, added an array named columns that 0th of trend, and when I clicked on the plus it auto populated

Is there a way to change which name that is showing for the pen?
*got it, changed the alias in the tag historian binding, though renaming the tags anyway