Perspective: Time series chart, how to set width of bars


We are using a time series chart to show data on an hourly basis. The output of the chart is shown in the image:


Wanted to know how to increase the width of the bars, as they are appearing very thin. I’m not able to figure out why, probably it is an issue with the time interval.


The graph best to use is dependent on what you’re trying to display. If the data you trying to display is not tag history, you may want to use something like the Bar Chart.

Can you explain a little more for what are type of data you trying to display? On first look, it seems you are storing tag history hourly but not in between each hour. The time series chart graph displays data from a tag history table in a way that is visually akin to a stock market graph.

Here is the Timeseries Chart Documentation for a quick reference.