Perspective - Time Series Chart - Infobox

I’m on 8.1.14

The infobox background doesn’t fit to the content…


you can resize it with css (injection)

.ia_timeSeriesChartComponent__xTrace__box { height: 100px; width:150px !important;}

but you cant really make it dynamic (that easily)

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I'm not familar with CSS injection, where I put that in the designer ?

create a style class and wrap this css line in }{ and put it in backgroundimage

for something like this you probably also want to put the styleclass name infront… else every chart will get this style, and since this isnt dynamic, that would be ugly xd

adjust the height and width numbers as you please, % should also work kinda. auto does not tho :frowning:

styleclass path: Folder/NewStyle (this gets converted to psc-Folder\/NewStyle)
backgroundimage = }.psc-Folder\/NewStyle .ia_timeSeriesChartComponent__xTrace__box { height: 100px; width:150px !important;}{
give your chart the class Folder/NewStyle

(this example i just put height very big xd)

Here is another option. The post is for the Power Chart component specifically, but it shares the same x-trace infobox issues as the Time Series Chart component.