Perspective - Time Series Chart - Poor performance

I’m on 8.1.14

I want to know if anybody has already experienced poor performance with the Time Series Chart Line. I have a chart that get over 58k points and it seem to be over the maximum of the chart capacities. Perspective came very slow and it’s hard to play with the graph.

There is limitation on the time series chart? My data comes from a database and not from the tag history.

It takes +/- 2 sec. to get the data but the display is hazardous and after diplay is completed all action with the page are very slow.

I have 6 series, (data, target, low_warning, high_warning, low_exception, high_exception) each series as their own trends and use the same axes.

I don’t use markers for my target and alarms point because they can change in time, so except data other series don’t have huge data.

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I would also like to know the answer to this. I have a query I want to chart data with and it could be 50K to 250K rows of data. I know that’s a lot but we want to see on a chart the last few weeks of data.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this in Perspective are appreciated.

Better late than never
Have you tried plot this data with Power Chart?

I'm working with a data set containing +154k rows. Using Power Chart and limiting the number of points using pointCount at Props > config I have plotted 4 pens whitout troubles.